Dosing Units

Gravimetric Dosing Unit

High-Accuracy Dosing of Masterbatch, Additives and Regrind by weight

The ColorSave Additive Feeder brings the advantages of dosing by weight to the plastics processor who can now be certain that the correct and consistent % of masterbatch and/or other additive is being dosed to the machine.
The ColorSave can be set to dose the required quantity of additive by kg/hr or by a % of the virgin material. The quantity of material is controlled by weight not volume. So variations in the bulk density or shape of granule do not affect the dosing accuracy.
Because consistency and repeatability can now be guaranteed, the processor can reduce the quantity of masterbatch used and also ensure colour match between batches.

  • Only two input settings required Significant savings in Masterbatch consumption providing short payback time
  • Simple and easy operation with automatic calibration
  • On-line control of the Masterbatch /additive flow rate in % or kg/hr
  • Guaranteed accuracy & repeatability
  • Automatic integrated venturi vacuum loader. Other loading options available

Voltage - 230v/50Hz

Weight – 22kg

Output range – 0.4kg/hr 2.5kg/hr or 1kg/hr to 20kg/hr

Hopper – 3 litre (option 5 and 10)

Automatic venturi loader with integrated material shortage alarm

110w powerful stepper motor

Data recording

Input signals – Dry contact input for synchronisation with moulding machine cycle time or 0-10v analog signal or proportional to total extrusion machine throughput.

Low capacity screw- 0.1-2.5kg/hr

Medium Capacity Screw – 0.2 – 10kg/hr

High Capacity Screw – 0.4 – 20kg/hr

Extra Capacity Screw – 0.6 to 40kg/hr

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