Dosing Units

Micro Gravimetric Dosing Unit

High-Accuracy Dosing of Masterbatch, Additives and Regrind by weight

The ColorSave-Micro Additive Feeder brings the advantages of dosing by weight to small plastics processing machines, the processor can now be certain that the correct and consistent % of masterbatch and/or other additive is being dosed to the machine avoiding manual mixing, difficult calibration, product rejects and over-consumption of additive.

The ColorSave-Micro can be set to dose the required quantity of additive by kg/hr or by a % of the virgin material. The quantity of material is controlled by weight not volume. So variations in the bulk density or shape of granule do not affect the dosing accuracy.

  • Only two input settings required Significant savings in Masterbatch consumption providing short payback time
  • Simple and easy operation with automatic calibration
  • On-line control of the Masterbatch /additive flow rate in % or kg/hr
  • Guaranteed accuracy & repeatability
  • Automatic integrated venturi vacuum loader. Other loading options available
  • Easy Maintenance and cleaning
  • High precision load cell
  • Auto self-adjustment if there is any deviation from required masterbatch weight

Voltage - 230v/50Hz

Weight – 7.8kg

Output range – max 80g/min

Hopper – 550cc

Weight resolution – 0.1g

Dosing technique – Vibration system

Touchscreen control

Alarm Output - Volt free contact

Communications – TCP/IP

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