SD Dryers

The SD range of Dehumidifying Dryers is fully automatic, single-desiccant cartridge design, available in 2 models with throughputs up to 50 kg/hr. The Drying Hoppers are fully insulated, have high-efficiency diffusers, sight-glass, drain-out, shut-off slide and hinged cover with universal mounting for a hopper loader. They are available in sizes up to 300 litres capacity. The system is complete with hoses etc. and may be mounted on the machine-throat or on a portable floor-stand. Jenco offers a wide range of Multi-Hopper and other custom arrangements to suit specific requirements.


Medium (MT) and high (HT) temperature models

Fully automatic

Dew-point down to -40oC

Stainless steel, high-efficiency drying hopper

Long life desiccant cartridge

Large area return air filter

Machine or floor mounted

Hopper sizes up to 300 litre

  SD65 SD125
Voltage kW (MT/HT) 220v/1/50Hz 400v/3/50Hz
Installed power kW (MT/HT) 2.3/3.9 5.8/6.5
Process heater kW (MT/HT) 1.4/2.5 3.4/4.5
Regeneration Heaer kW 0.2 0.4
Process air flow m3/hr 30 60
Process temp range C 140-190 140-190
Dimensions mm 280x580x610 320x680x670
Weight kg 45 60
Suitable hoppers litre 30 to 80 60 to 300


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