Oktomat SOS

Pedestal version, powder coated steel
7-folded adjustable
All-purpose lifting ring of stainless steel for
plastic liners and big bags
Suction head type S, conveying tube diameter 38 / 50 mm ofstainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304)
Oscillating suction head with SOS control
Empty indication control on LED display and potential free contact,
monitoring of remaining emptying time and suction head lifting intervals


Options Available

Compressed air vibrator(s) for suction head (option 5)

Bulk material fluidization by compressed air blasts (option 7)
ATEX zone 2 / 22 (option 8)

Oscillating lifting ring (option 9)
Powder suction head
with Oktabag control (option 10)
Special lifting rings 400/800 mm

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