Vacuum Loaders


The B28-12SC-BEAN-B is a high throughput single phase vacuum loader powered by powerful by-pass cooled motor designed specifically for coffee roasters but equally suited to other fragile materials. Constructed from 304 stainless steel with its own self operating counter balance flap and is capable of moving 400kg/hr of roasted beans over a 3m distance.


Simple multi-function controls – remote mounted

Stainless steel construction

Ledge free inlet

Filter purge

No material alarm

Easy access

Flap access door and vent

Large area filter cartridge

3m flexible convey pipe

Stainless steel pick up nozzle



Volume – 12 litres

Weight – 18kg

Inlet size – 38/50mm

Motor size – 1000W

Throughput 400kg/hr (roasted beans)

Dimensions –

Fixing holes - 6 x 9mm diameter holes on 256 PCD

Flange size – 230

Mounting hole – 230mm

Overall Height – 725mm

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