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As a market leader in bean handling solutions for the coffee and tea industry, Jenco Controls is committed to delivering innovative solutions developed by our expert in-house team. Our solutions are designed to minimise damage to roasted beans and delicate long leaf teas, ensuring the quality of your product is never compromised.

Our automatic loading solutions address manual lifting concerns within the workplace, aiding management in complying with Health and Safety legislation. We offer customisable storage solutions to suit any size requirement, utilising hygienic materials throughout to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

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Here are the products we supply to the coffee and tea industry, designed to enhance your operations and maintain the integrity of your products:

Coffee blending system

Blending Systems

Blending systems both pre and post are solutions that are available from ourselves to take away that manual labour element whilst ensuring the accuracy of the blend and with a clean air clean down function makes this the ultimate choice.




Stainless steel hopper


We provide bespoke Stainless-Steel hoppers, free from cracks and crevices, for bean storage post-cooling. These hoppers ensure a smooth delivery of beans to the packing lines.




Rip & tip bin

Rip & Tip Bins

Our Rip and Tip bins, suitable for both green and roast coffee, offer a safe storage solution that protects your coffee before it’s loaded to the roaster or dispatched to your packing machinery. These bins can be customised to any required size and grill to suit your needs, and can be fitted with a multiple take-off to feed multiple lines if necessary.




Big bag emptying station

Big Bag Emptying Stations

Our Big Bag emptying stations enable the purchase of beans in larger volumes, potentially reducing costs. These stations, coupled with our vacuum systems, allow for direct transfer of beans to the roaster.




Whether you require a straightforward packing line loader or a comprehensive system that includes storage silos, Jenco offers a full suite of solutions tailored to meet your coffee and tea handling needs. Partner with us to enhance the efficiency and quality of your production processes. 

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